IThanks is a personalized electronic system that allows citizens to send Thanks from person to person. IThanks - social economic network. Thanks people and they will get real money. Each IThanks = 0,10 $. The life of each person on the planet is important. For this reason the product was created to improve lives of people worldwide. To change the world it is necessary to begin with yourself. We urge to be grateful to the whole world - And the world will surely be grateful to you.
Improving the quality of living by the use of Thanks through the IThanks mobile application. How WE REACH IT: By creating a wide social network where electronic monetization is generated, sent and registered. Our software products are compatible with each other and are available to each owner of an electronic device. SIMPLICITY AND CONVENIENCE: Our application is developed taking into account each users category: IThanks Citizen, Charitable organizations, advertisers, employers and investors. COMPETITIVENESS: Thanks to our leading innovations we are choice No. 1
All our actions are made and created on the basis of our values: RELIABILITY: We don't ask you to trust us, we gain your trust.. SIMPLICITY AND CONVENIENCE: We think together with our clients. DEVELOPMENT: We develop together with the world surrounding us