Traditional advertisements are constantly imposed on the target audience, which makes the ads less effective. Advertisers spend a lot of money, but it's very rarely that a potential client is interested in new advertisements. We attract our citizens to an advertisement by a material compensation. Our advertisers appreciate freedom and goodwill of people and our citizens are thankful in response.
Everyday people see a lot of advertising, but they only remember an excellent product or a service that has a fabulous and creative advertisement. How do we know what the problem is? How do we reveal it right and quickly? There is only one right decision and that’s to listen to your potential clients. That's why we ask citizens to evaluate the advertisement and product to provide feedback.
Everything is a constant progression especially if it is a notable promotional offer in a competitive environment. That's why IThanks uses different approaches in the promotion of a product. Also we have developed a new advertising format, which suggests that the advertiser pays only for a specific customer.