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Founded in 2014, Los Angeles, California, USAe-commerce, IT, mobile applications, social networks, mass media
Many of us know the saying: “Many words will not fill a bushel.” In other words – saying thanks costs nothing. It just so happens that the words of gratitude are perceived as something ordinary and self-evident. The team at IThanks believes that lots of use of “Thank You” will fill a bushel, the word thanks rings with a bubbling gurgle! There is another well-known proverb: "Many a little makes a mickle."

Indeed – the fuzz to fuzz or fluff to a feather will make a pillow. Meaning that many small amounts accumulate to make a large amount. This world full of grateful people, in which we invite all to say thank you is worth it, but it also gives a lot.
Petr Myachin is a young businessman who has invented this project. He realized that each appreciation is worth more than just a word. As a bank worker Petr used to hear an old proverb: “A little coin is better than a huge Thanks”.

Summing up all appreciations Petr received a day, he found that “Thanks” could have a price! That’s how IThanks came to be. In January 2015 the team was chosen and the work began.
IThanks is socio-economic network. Show your appreciation to people and they will receive money from IThanks! Each appreciation is worth $0.10 for the receiver. IThanks carries out generation, accounting, transferring and paying of electronic appreciation.

IThanks system allows you to thank other users, receive appreciations, view the history of appreciations for yourself and other network participants, withdraw money from received appreciations, compete in the amount of appreciations and communicate with other users.
The IThanks system allows you to thank people or companies. In this case the person would be notified about received appreciation. The rest is up to the receiver!
Appreciation is a simple thing

In order to become a citizen in the world of grateful people you should simply register at www.ithanks.com and download the free app, which is available for iOS and Android.

You can show your appreciation to anybody just in 2 clicks. If you haven't generated appreciation, you will be given a choice of: completing a task (participate in survey or download an app) or purchasing.

Each participant of the network has their profile including the passport of the citizen of the world of grateful people. A brief tutorial will be provided.


What if you meet a person on the street and simply want to get along with him or her? It’s possible! We believe that appreciation is the best way to introduce yourself.

Communication shouldn't be boring! You can always upgrade your message with our smileys, stickers, photos and videos. You are able to send your IThanks citizen passport to any other person.


The system keeps track of your appreciations and, based on that, generates a rating. To encourage usage and a healthy competition, the system tracks and updates ratings monthly.

Leaders in the ratings will be awarded from the IThanks team.

In the profile menu you will be able to see your rank. Other users will be able to see your rank, and compare it to their own. There are 3 types of ranks:

There are two different ways of viewing places. You can use either interactive map with places on it or just a list of places.

In the section “places” users are able to see partners of IThanks. You can select the category you want (café, restaurant, shop, lawyer etc.), check the rating, show your appreciation and leave a comment.

For Partners

Those are your places!

Moreover, you can receive an extra profit if you place IThanks button at your website.

History of received appreciations
IThanks participants are able to check the history of received Thanks at any time. Additionally, its possible to view the history of received appreciations for a specific person at a particular period of time.
Petr Myachin
CEO / Co-Founder
Evgeny Myachin
Tzu Ngai
Yury Kovalenok
Vitaliy Yakovlev
Maxim Terekhin
Andrej Borschev
Backend Developer
Maxim Sidorenko
Lead Engineer
Dmitry Migunov
Video Engineer
Kirill Ershov
Andrej Potyomin
Art Director
Sergey Patara